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Friday, May 4, 2012

Surf's up!

When I visit my  family in Southern California, we usually spend a few days  in Laguna Beach where they lived before moving to Temecula.  This time, however, I  suggested we head down to La Jolla, just north of San Diego. It was a beautiful day to explore the area.

This fella was on, appropriately named, Seal Rock. He was pretty interested in what I was up to and didn't seem to mind my curiosity about him either.

His whiskers reminded me of Kate's. I was expecting to hear barking, but except for the sound of the ocean, it was really quiet.

The water was an amazing ultramarine color today and I had to urge to try my hand at watercolor painting again, just to see if I could capture the color.

It was in the low '60s today with a cool ocean breeze. Absolutely perfect. With only two days left, I wonder if we'll explore the wine area of Temecula, or the art district of L.A. tomorrow and Saturday.