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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good news for collectors!

 Yesterday, Ron and I headed for the Medina Antique Mall for an afternoon's adventure. We've spent many hours at the Mall over the years. Enough time that the staff know us and can't seem to understand why we aren't dealers. We are clearly buyers, not sellers!  The photo above is of a pottery bowl from Holland that has been up in our attic for quite awhile.

Yesterday, I saw it at the antique mall, marked for $158.00. Hmmm. Turns out it is a Gouda pottery bowl, called Astra, or Star. This I learned from ebay. I have always loved the colors, especially the dark rust color that matches most of our decor.

 Ron, collector of aviation art, selected this photo of a WWI pilot to add to his collection. It was in an old frame and was marked $20. It will join his vast collection of WWII art. He was happy to get it.
 As a collector of linens, I scooped up this runner for $5.00. I recognized it as a table runner from Sweden. This I know because I have a similar piece given to me by my Aunt Marj years ago after her visit to Sweden. It is in excellent condition and is now sitting on our dining room table.
I recently learned that I am 1% Irish. Maybe that is why I have loved Beeleek! No, actually, it is because my mother always served butter pats in the tub (in photo at right) and it is nostalgia that has me collecting other pieces.  What is all this collecting about?

Today, as I was reading a book, Farmhouse Revival, recommended to me by Paulette, I came across a very pertinent quote; " I love to buy stuff….Collecting is my art form."  

Wow. Collecting… art…..I've never thought of  collecting as an art form! I'm quite an artist! Guess I'll cancel those watercolor painting classes after all.