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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dance recitals

I know, what could I possible say about dance recitals. Well, yesterday I finally attended one. It was the 31st annual dance recital of the Moving Company. Held at the State Theater, it took place on Saturday and Sunday from 2-5. As Ron and I were driving by around 1pm, we noticed the cutest ever children, dressed in the most amazingly sweet costumes, having their photos taken in the park. Upon asking, we learned about the recital. I just couldn't resist. Warned that it would be crowded with hundreds of parents, grandparents, etc, I got in line for tickets. I just happen to know that the State Theater seats 1,500 and I will tell you that it was PACKED!

There were dozens of 3 minute dance routines, ranging from ages 3 up to 18. Costumes were elaborate and as the same children were in several dances, I had to wonder what the cost to the family added up to, including a year's worth of lessons. Probably a pretty penny, but, gee, it had to be worth it to see this finale.

For some of the older children, there were ballets and for the youngest there were tumbling routines. Almost everyone in the audience had a bouquet of flowers on hand to present to their child, so, I was a bit of a standout to be sitting front and center without anything but my camera.

I left during intermission, reluctant to get back to gardening and other Sunday afternoon activities, but, I am really glad I spent an hour in the world of dance!