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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Summer at Riverview

The campground where Ron and I spent some of our time this summer is a friendly place!  There are over 200 "seasonals" and I'm pretty sure 99% of the campers are NOT retired, so, the weekend is their prime time. The 1% of us who are retired can choose any day of the week and we have the 60 acres of riverfront all to ourselves.

 There are as many kinds of trailers as there are kinds of people at RiverView RV Park and Marina. Some are here to be outside as much as possible and have a small abode.

The birkenstock clad couple of this tiny trailer have a sweet dashound-the perfect size pet for their home away from home.

A few even choose "glamping" as evidenced by the three tents featured above!

Riverview offers fishing access, directly from the marina into Vermilion River which then empties into Lake Erie. For you skeptics, there is plenty of perch, walleye, trout, and catfish, not to mention some snapping turtles and such. If you own a boat you can have your trailer site along the marina.

Only one ultra cool vintage Airstream is here-yeah, my BFF, Paulette, and her husband, Bob, are parked adjacent to our "park model" trailer. Everyone stops to gaze at this refinished beauty. In fact, if someone inquired what site we have, I just say we are next to the shiny bullet and they know exactly where we "live."

Very sophisticated decor abounds. Having a deck and getting to landscape around it is one of the many wonderful extras here. Paulette and I take a walk at least twice a day to admire the joyful displays.

One couple runs a farm during the week and we all get to enjoy the proceeds-this weekend we bought homemade banana bread, sweet relish, peach jam, and picked up some fresh eggs. Talk about a camp store-what could possibly be better???

Every other week, there is a competitive BINGO game in the pavilion. We're talking serious money, prizes, and potluck. I joined the group this weekend.  My brain was mush after 3 hours  concentrating  on the diamond, four corners, straight bingo, double bingo, and so on. I'm not kidding, I stumbled back to our trailer and slept a record 14 hours! I think you have to build up slowly to play with this group!

This is our view of the river. It is where we sit and watch the waterfowl glide by. Or, the boaters.

The park closes early, by Ohio fall weather standards, and so, we have returned to our back porch in Sandusky to watch the leaves change colors.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lulubell and Kate Redux

Hello again! Legions of fans of my blog have begged me to resume writing-well, actually four of you-and one was my mother! So, after an 8 month hiatus, I've decided to send a few more posts out into the cloud-or fog-as Ron describes it.

For the past few months, I've been working on our new summer abode-at a campground on the banks of the Vermilion River in Vermilion, Ohio-just 20 minutes from our house in Sandusky.
Instead of  hearing seagulls flying overhead (Lake Erie is a mecca for them) we hear the hoarse cry of egrets and the quacking of ducks, and the honking of geese. It's pretty noisy around here! What we don't hear are fire trucks, ambulances, gun shots (really, I'm not kidding) lawn mowers, screeching tires, and the same incessant tune from the ice cream truck- of of which make up the city sounds near our home in Sandusky.

You might say I got carried away with the project of turning a trailer into a cottage! It was great fun to plan the blue and white theme for "willow" and have the outside landscaped with a big deck and the inside painted, etc, etc.We sold our Class C "Nina" and admitted that we were not the explorers we thought we were and settled into a permanent spot.  Next up was fun with the "new" camper that Paulette bought and parked beside ours!

Another deck,  more landscaping, and  completely redecorating a vintage Airstream dominated our days during most  of July! All of this "nesting" as our friend, Kathleen, describes it, put the booth at the antique mall on the back burner, and, in fact, we decided to take a break for awhile and stop the decluttering projects.

But, hey, if you see anything you like in the photo above, we brought it all back to our garage,(at least we didn't haul it back up into the attic) until we get  a one day sale organized. Whew. Actually, almost everything in the trailer is from our attic, so, maybe you could say I was sort of decluttering, if you stretched the definition a tad.

Kate is still the center of attention. Now six years of age, she has not exactly mellowed. Just a few days ago, she chewed a leather glass case (with glasses enclosed), pooped on the new floor in the trailer,  escaped our backyard and ran around to the front porch, got her ears boxed by AlleyCat for getting too close, and bit the vet-and she was just along for the ride-it was really Jack's turn at the vet's office and I brought Kate in with us. She loves her new Thundershirt (the gunshots and firecrackers really freak her out) and is way overdue for time with the groomer. It was my fault-I forgot the appointment.

Jack, on the other hand, is slowing down. He is now 12 and the leash is slack in my hand when we go for a brief walk. Sigh. He sleeps more often and more soundly, is losing weight and muscle tone, and doesn't chase the cats at all anymore. He has, however, taken Marilyn's place of wanting  to be where I am-at all times. He and I have come full circle. When first scanning the litter of pups from which to select, Jack followed my every step and would not let me take any other pup home.  One of the best things about retirement is being able to spend more time with Jack and Kate. Well, with  Ron, of course, but, really, the dogs are the best part. Which brings me to my latest endeavor-the Humane Society of Erie County. Yes, I've gone to the dogs....and cats!As a new board member, I am helping to raise $400,000 for the last two phases of an expansion and renovation of the shelter.

Don't wait for me to ask you-just send a check directly to the Humane Society of Erie County, 1911 Superior Street, Sandusky, OH 44870. I promise not to tell you any shocking sad stories, so, let's just say your money is needed for a really good cause.

The photo above is one my brother, David Carlson, sent when I asked for some of his photos to use in a brochure for the HSEC. I'd like to say that I'm responsible for his excellent photographs, but, to be honest about it,  I just gave him the idea when he was 8 and I was 15 and  he saw my darkroom in the basement of our home in Erie. He became a professional newspaper photographer after college and now teaches digital photography in a high school in California. His dalmatians were named Nikon and Canon, to give you an idea about his equipment,  but, I think he mostly uses his iPhone now! Just kidding.

So, welcome back, dear devoted readers, I'll be writing again soon. Janet and I are heading out on another most excellent adventure-this time to Cape Cod, and I have no doubt we'll get into enough trouble to fill a blogpost upon our return.