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Thursday, October 15, 2015

All's well that ends well.

I was lucky to be back by our garage a few days ago to see two eagles! The one on the left caught and  then  finished a snack of a small bird (gulp) and stuck around for awhile before heading north toward the Lake. The eagle on the right stayed on a bit longer. I missed getting a photo of their wide wingspans as they flew away, but, I promise, it was a stunning sight. There are several nests in and around the marshes in the area, but I have never seen them in our city alley before.

Meanwhile, back inside, it was time to put the kitchen back together after a week of painting. We decided to lighten up a bit, so to speak.

 Instead of cabinets and bead board paneling in dark stain, had it all painted white. An all white kitchen was my original goal, however, I selected a paint mint turquoise for the walls to accent the aqua counter appliances and the various antique bowls and accessories that we had.

 It turned so well that I decided to keep the white sinks and laminate that we installed many years ago.

 It looks brighter and more spacious with the cosmetic changes.

 I know, I know, I lust for the aqua AGA stove, but, in lieu of the recent onslaught of pet expenses, I can let it all go.

 Healthy and loving dogs trumps kitchen appliances any day of the week!

 Yes, in case you haven't been on board lately, we have had a spate of life threatening illnesses for Kate and Marilyn.  (see blog post of 9/5/15 for the details )

Marilyn's brain surgery (to remove a tumor in the frontal lobe) was on hold while first I, then her neurosurgeon, Dr. Lovett, went on vacation. No, not together! That reminds me, I should ask him where he went for the first week of October. ......

Ron and I drove the now oh so familiar route to MedVet in Columbus on Sunday. MM's surgery was successfully completed on Monday afternoon. It was a 4 hour surgery and her recovery went very  well, so, we headed back for her on Tuesday afternoon. Full disclosure: The night staff had to wake Dr. L. several times to ask his advice about MM's incessant barking, ahem. So, I think it was general consensus that she could relax at home with her family better than in the ICU ward at MedVet. We were delighted to drive the 100 miles (exactly, by the way) to retrieve her. Except for a shaved and stapled noggin, Marilyn looked fantastic and was delighted to be heading home.

I rode in the back while Ron drove and Marilyn snoozed peacefully until the last 30 minutes of the trip.  I tried to help her get comfortable, but, her distress increased. When we arrived home, upon getting Marilyn out of the car, I could see the dreaded signs of bloat- a very distended stomach and hard as a rock.  This is a life threatening and fast acting condition common in Standard Poodles, and one in which Paulie and Bob lost their two year old Standard, Beau, and Ron and I lost Louie a few years later.  The only known prevention is to surgically tack the stomach to the stomach wall so that even if the stomach fills with air and gas, the stomach cannot torque, thus avoiding extreme pain and swift death. In fact, if you really want the back story, see my blog post of 1/3/13 (It's a Dog's Life) where Paulie and I took our Standard Poodles, Jack, Sam, and Prince in for the life saving surgery.

With  no delay, we headed back to Columbus, this time with Paulie riding shotgun in the back with Marilyn, keeping all of us as calm as she could- a BFF for sure. The good news is that the ER doc aspirated the air from Marilyn's stomach and danger was averted. Relieved to have her back in good hands, Paula, Ron, and I  headed back to Sandusky, arriving home around 1:30 a.m.

We were so glad to bring Marilyn back home, this time, with no drama. She's such a great dog and we are happy to give her a few more years in the Brooks household.