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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Serious backyard gardening

Today, Ron and I drove over to Stan Hywet Gardens in Akron. We thought we could pick up some ideas for our backyard/patio area. Well, of course, the scale of the house and yard is a little bit different from ours, but,we expected to be able to translate to our place easily.
 We  actually discussed how nice this statue would look in our yard. What do you think? Wonder where we could get one just like this....Home Depot? Maybe not.
We liked a few of the English garden ideas, even though they had over 100 varieties, I actually said, hey, this would fit just perfectly.Of course, we loved the sweeping lawn and thought it would be great for the poodles and Kate to romp around every afternoon just to stretch their legs a bit.

Actually, we did decide to plant  Japanese Iris for next spring. This seemed to be the best idea for our garden and the hostas and ferns would be possible as well.

Garden art always has a place, and I liked this stonework. It reminded me of my Chaucer classes and the Old English I loved to decipher.When we got home, it was a bit of a shock that our yard was so small! It had seemed so much larger before we left this morning.