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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mending fences

It has been quite awhile between posts. I'm writing from Nina's first camp site away from home base. You could say it has taken us some time to leave the nest and Columbus might be disappointed in our lack of adventure thus far. But, finally, we've launched our ship and headed out. We're in Lisbon, Ohio this weekend, at Lock 30 Woodlands, a private campground at the southeast corner of Ohio. And, we have all three pups with us!

We left the comforts of Gotta Getaway, asking Paul to give us his cell phone in case we needed his help, as we have so many times thus far! With trepidation and some hesitant excitement, we headed east on the turnpike. Ron asked if we would soon be in Wyoming, and I replied to my beloved geographically challenged husband that we'd have to circle the world before we'd find Wyoming by heading east from Ohio!
Jack wisely helped navigate. Marilyn, ever the calmest of the pack, settled in for a 3 hour nap.

Kate slept in her cage and so all went well as we drove down  Interstate 80. We stopped for gas along the way, slipping into a space between two huge semi trucks. Then we narrowly missed being smashed by one of them as we pulled out without looking carefully as one of them moved out, gaining speed as he went forward. oops, bad big rig protocol.

We set up camp in a rain shower, then managed to make a chicken and rice dish with the dutch oven. In the morning, I used pie molds with peanut butter and jelly between bread, toasted over a fire and Ron made scrambled eggs and bacon!

Ron rolls his eyes at my camping anxiety.  I sit by the fire, and start asking if the sparks are too high and if the awning or overhang of pine trees might be in danger.  I notice a chicken wire fence along the cliff and see that there is a gap that Kate might, I bend the fence and remold it around a tree log to make it escape proof...Ron comments that I am mending fences.  We walk through the forest and I ask whether we might be walking through poison ivy. I fret about the dog's security, and, I admit, I oh so casually cast the shadow of the lantern near the chicken to be sure it was cooked enough before I had my first bite. 

 I can't help it. I even was true to my "alter my environment" mode, as Ron calls it, when we first arrived.  I noticed that our "slide" was in the way of the green electric box. So, I marched back down to the check in cabin and asked if we could relocate to the space beside us....sure, enough, we could even move over another, we did. Ron just shakes his head. I noticed a movement in his neck muscles, perhaps gripping his teeth, as I make my adjustments.

 Oh, yes, camping doesn't come easy to one as careful as I.   But, I did fix the louver blind, finds a band aid, take apart the DVD player, finding two extra discs that had blocked the player from working,  located the  ideal campground after hours of google searches, bring enough blankets and towels, and carefully refrains from rolling my eyes when "we" discover that we should have brought the extra levelers.  

We are, actually, having a blast. The air is cold and clear, the silence is staggering, and Nina is a joy. 
I don't think it can change my personality, and I think that's ok.  She's not going to improve Ron's lack of direction either. We are, however, both happy learning the nuances of camping and can't wait for our next adventure.