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Monday, May 14, 2012

Cleveland Rocks!

Ron and I stopped in to shop at the West Side Market on Saturday afternoon. As one who has been choosing a vegan diet for the past 4 months, and for about 6 months last year, I didn't see too much for me, but, plenty of choices for Ron. In the other side, tho, I had plenty to select from with fruit and veggies from everywhere but Ohio.
I'm not sure how long this has been in operation, but, it was very similar to the Philly market we explored a few months ago. Smaller, but just as interesting.Very colorful and fun to hear the vendors bargaining with each customer.
Our other stop was at the Cleveland Botanical Garden on the East Side near University Circle. It was a beautiful day and the spring flowers looked wonderful. Ron offered that if he were retired, our yard could look like this. Hmm. I think that is a bit overstated. In the Japanese Garden, there was a wedding in progress and I had to admire the courage of the couple selecting an outdoor wedding in mid May in Ohio!
 We actually took some photos in the optimistic hope that we could emulate a few of the areas. The clematis was exceptional.

          We also loved the vines on the shed and thot that would look great on our garage.

       Of course, we are ignoring the reality that neither one of us likes to garden. We just like to look at them.

              With a glass of wine in hand, or taking a nap on the hammock is the best way to enjoy the yard. We know many who love to garden and refuse to call it yard work, but, believe me, we are not even close to that concept. We are also blocking out the fact that 3 dogs can tear up a yard faster than it can recover.   We did plant a small herb garden in a box and three tomato plants, so, if we remember to water them, we just might have a crop this year to go with our grapes.

     I do think we could do these pots.....if we could lift them, that is!  Anyway, it was a lovely day in Cleveland and we felt like we had been on vacation in the City.  We drove through Little Italy and decided we need to return to stroll down those streets this summer. Our drive down Coventry Street was also tempting us to stop for awhile. As we passed the stadium, we saw signs announcing the dates for the Indians vs. the Yankees and that might have to be another visit!