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Friday, May 11, 2012

Kate's new interest

While I was away, Kate discovered that she can pull books off of the bottom shelves of our bookcases for some fun chewing. This is not viewed fondly by a librarian! I think chewing stops mostly by age 2, but 12 months of book chewing is not good. We have 3 bookcases that are covered by glass doors but we have 5 cases that are wide open to Kate's new hobby.

Of course, it is really pretty impossible to get mad at such a cute puppy! Both Jack and Louie ate plastic things like remote controls, car key clickers, and shoes and they pretty much stopped at age 2, so, I know I can just wait this out.  Wait, at this very moment, Louie is over by the bookcase sniffing at the books! Don't you just wonder what that was all about? Did Kate get him interested or what?