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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Early morning walk with Kate

Paulette claims that early summer mornings are the best ever. Kate seems to agree. Kate, she who cannot be denied, insisted that we get up at 6:15a.m. And DO SOMETHING right NOW. So, I thot we would take a walk and see if Paulie was right.

Well, it seems the squirrels and birds agree and that make for a challenging effort to keep Kate in tow to not trip me as she flings herself every which way on her leash. Let's just say it wasn't a relaxing saunter out there and I was relieved we got back before disaster struck one of us. Oh, did I mention that Jack came with us???? Now there is a squirrel lover if ever there was one. And 70 pounds of insistence is a lot of power at the end of a leash. To be fair to Paulie, our less than stellar walk really had nothing to do with the early hour,and at least there were fewer souls around to witness the debacle. And, I am back safely relaxing on the back porch, admiring our roses and no one has started up a mower, weed wacker or leaf blower as of yet.