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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer cuts continued

Here is Jack with his summer cut. He seems pretty happy with it. Even the groomer was pleased.
Next, it was Louie's turn.

When Louie got home, Kate went crazy. She yelped and chirped and was quite sure this was no dog she knew or wanted to know! It took several minutes to calm her down and convince her this was, indeed, the same Louie that she loves to nip and hang on his ears until he swings her around in a circle, feet off the ground and flying.

Yesterday, I took Jack and Kate for a walk. This involves tricking Louie into thinking nothing special is going on. So, I send him into jump on Ron, who is sleeping soundly until 65 pounds of dog lands on him. Then, I quietly open the drawer with workout stuff (if Jack hears the drawer handles he starts howling) and off we three dash to the garage for the leashes. Kate was so excited that it took awhile to capture her long enough to put the harness on. Then, I have to try to keep her out of the way while I put Jack's leash on. This resulted in a new low for me. I bobbed up and down so much attempting to get their leashes on that I made myself carsick. We had to cut the walk short and return to home base for my stomach to settle down. How weird is that! Do you think we need some intervention? Maybe some dog training, or owner training?

So, for now, how about some time on the front porch? This is really a great spot to sit and contemplate the fact that I should be taking the dogs for a walk, one at a time. Hey, maybe I can enlist Mom to handle Kate while I take one of the poodles. Then we can come back and switch poodles. How do those dog walkers manage it in NYC for pete's sake?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kate's summer cut

It all started with the t-shirts that the vet recommended. While this did protect the suture made to remove a benign bump from Kate's back, the t-shirts created matted hair that would make any felter of yarn proud. I had the bright idea that if I gave Kate a bath and used lots of cream rinse, I could detangle all of the mats. First, let me say that taking a unhappy dog into the shower with you is NOT a good idea. I have the scratches to prove it, but, none anywhere that I can show you.

We head to the groomer at Purrfect Paws for a consultation and, actually, a preliminary apology prior to Kate's next visit. Michelle suggested that sometimes corn meal and a brush can help with mats, but, these were so tight and close to the body that it seemed that shaving would be the only option.

As you can see, in spite of the fancy surroundings, Kate was less than thrilled to arrive for her appointment! Not to worry, though, she is a star and came out just fine a few hours later and several inches slimmer around the waist. In fact, her harness slips and slides with her new svelte cut.

Isn't she cute! She looks a little top heavy and the groomer says the "skirt" will grow back just fine, so for now, we're just calling it Kate's summer cut. The boys, Jack and Louie get their summer cuts early this week and Ron, too. That's about $300 in haircuts for the family-eek. Good thing I decided to let my hair grow long and haven't planned a haircut until October!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big wheels

Ron, Mom and I headed back to Stan Hwyet  to see the 55th Annual Antique Car Show. That means for the first show, cars of 1957 were brand new!!! The red spoke beauty above was new in 1912.
 As I am interested in getting a camper, I looked at the VW Westfalia and liked it!! Of course, the VW Camper was my hippie dream mobile in 1972 and at one time, I considered leaving h.s. and heading west with some friends. Probably a good thing that fell through....
The car above is of the exact vintage that my Great Aunt Alberta (age 101) and her 4 sisters traveled to the Yellowstone from Iowa. Alberta still talks about these annual trips. Apparently, every year,my Great Grandfather would buy a new car and take his girls to see the sights of the wild west.

I have ideas of heading west with Kate and Paulie and seeking out fiber festivals after I retire. Although, cool vintage campers are also on my dream list: 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kate's garden

Kate welcomed the newest dog to our garden today. Turk, so named in honor of Ron's dashound, was a gift from Paulette in celebration of my birthday. He'll be in excellent company in our yard.

The pup above was for many years in the garden of longtime library staff member, Marge Owings. He usually sports a ribbon for the season, so, the next will be a red,white and blue ribbon. I just noticed the orange slice nailed to the tree and asked Ron about it. He said he is trying to attract oriels. Okay. The other pup in foreground was a present from Paulette, too, from several years ago.

This guy came home with us from the Medina Antique Mall quite a few years ago. When we first put him on the porch, Alex tried to subdue him by placing his neck over the statue. It was hilarious! As you can see, we, sadly, did not know enough to take a concrete statue in during the winter. Every year, a different part of his legs falls off. It is really quite disturbing, but, we just can't put him out of his misery and I feel so responsible for his condition. It makes me feel sad everytime I leave the house and see him there.

The Scotty came home with us from the Antique Mall as well. It is metal and has done well in all seasons. I'm sure it was perched on a barn or garage, but, we plunked him near the garden gate and there he watches all who enter.

I think Kate is more interested in the vegetation than the dog, and I have to keep a close eye on what she tries to eat. I am usually taking pieces of mulch from her. There has been no digging thus far this season and I am really glad about that!

Louie is really faking it in this photo. Look how sweet and innocent he looks! He is usually tearing across the lawn, barking in general to see what he can roust out of the grass, trees, alley, etc, etc, etc.
I actually asked him to sit and look at me. Whoa.

I could add to this post with photos of the many dog planters we have, but it will take me awhile to gather them all up, so, I'll save those for a later update. Thanks, Paulie, for adding another lovely dog treasure for the garden this year!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kate's cool factor

It is Ohio Bike Week! It's actually 10 days, but that's counting both weekends. Last year, more than 130,000 bikers came to Sandusky to have a huge block party. Our house is on the main drag, so to speak, and so we see and hear bikes until the wee hours.....and we LOVE it!!!!

Last night, Ron and I stopped at the Mad River Harley Davidson store in town and got some gear for ourselves and Kate. Two tshirts, a dog leash and tshirt for Kate and a hat for Ron....$150.00! Whew. Biking is expensive. Actually, we ran into a co worker of Ron's from Stein Hospice there. She and her husband are bikers and we asked about the cost of a bike. He said you could get a great bike-used-and loaded--for $8,000-$15,000. We are intrigued.....

I loved the one with the blue lights! Of course, there are hundreds to look at in the store and thousands more on the city streets, so, we headed downtown.

Friday night in Sandusky! Very cool.  We stopped to hear both bands. On huge sound stages. One was country western and the other.....wasn't. It was called Saliva and was really rocking.

Today is the Bike Parade and you can imagine the scene, can't you? Bike guys and gals, thousands of them head into downtown, parking, parking, parking. and then the block party gets underway. We'll be at the parade and then back for a lawn party to watch the bikers go by our house.

Maybe there is a bike in our future for next year! Stay tuned.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Post surgery for Kate

Poor Kate. She is feeling very punk. We were advised to get her in a tshirt to lessen chances of any of the dogs messing with the sutures. We are pretty confident that the cyst is harmless although it was deep into the back muscle.

Both Jack and Louie are pretty bummed that their playmate is shut down for the next 7 to 10 days

On the Road with Kate

This weekend, we took Kate with us on our garden adventures. Mill Hollow Nursery, near Vermilion, Ohio, is one of our favorite places. It it only open from May 1st to June 15. Everything here is beautiful, and limited in quantity! We usually get her much earlier in the season, but, we still managed to find lots of lavendar to plant among our roses in the back yard. Kate is exploring the garden shed.

Jody Freilich and her husband live on the property and the various outbuilding are tempting to explore.

We've gotten all our plants here and most of our garden art. This lovely fairy garden was very sweet!

The living wreaths are my favorite. All you have to do is spray the hose on it everyday and it lasts all summer.

The sun was bouncing off the sculptures and the mirrors on the flip side made dancing shawdows on the stone wall. This one was already sold or it would have come home with us. Jody designed our garden in the front yard and we get compliments from those who walk by.

We took Kate for a ride so that she wouldn't  think the car meant going to the vet. Today, she is having surgery to remove a small lump from her back. We hope it is something simple and benign. It will be a long day of waiting.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kate's dark secret

It's true, Kate doesn't like the rain. And she would rather do her business, ahem, inside on a rainy day. Actually, true be told, she's only 50% housetrained and I'm 100% ready to try just about anything to improve those stats. Last night, at the suggestion of Samantha, I am giving her a small handful of kibble everytime she goes outside successfully. That worked well last night, but, when she refused to step on the sidewalk and I was in a hurry to get ready for work, she left me a package on the kitchen floor.

I suppose I'll have to crate her in the kitchen for awhile,  but, gosh, that seems pretty much of a bummer. Since she is now 15 months (how is that for parentspeak) she should be well over this by now. Any suggestions would be welcome.