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Monday, April 30, 2012

Heading west.......

I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go....I'm leaving, on a jet plane....For some, packing is a breeze, and I must admit, it is getting easier for me, too. Except when it comes to deciding what knitting projects to take along. Socks, of course, but, that could get boring, so, how about my cable purse project with my handspun. check. And, maybe the lucet so I can teach Kelsey how to braid bracelets. check. And I might have time to use the spindle. check. Better bring more sock yarn in case I finish my Mom's sock. check. Probably should bring a few knitting magazines and at least one book on spinning. check. And, just to make it challenging, I'll take the needlepoint sheep project which doesn't fit in any carryon, but, then, I'll just tuck it under my arm and they'll think it is a scroll. Ha. 6 days, including two travel days, and I might not have enough with me. Direct flights, but, who knows, there could be delays.

Just look at that face. Jack is really going to miss me. I'm soooo glad he is feeling 100% better now.
Oh oh. Now Louie is pretty worried about my trip, too. Maybe if I don't make eye contact, I can slip out without a fuss.

Hmm. Kate is trying to act like a little angel, too. This is getting really tough. Good thing Ron is staying behind to take care of these guys! Plus, the main thing, I finally taught Ron how to use the remotes! Really, we just finished practicing. TV, then DVD, then back to TV. I think he can do it. And it will be ok for me leave for awhile.