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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Camping 2014 commences....with challenges!

Here we go!!!! Last weekend, Bob, Paulette, Ron, and I headed out to our seasonal campsite, sans campers. This is our second season at GottaGetAway, 20 minutes from home and the first season for Bob and Paulie. After many site visits, we settled on side by side lots and came out to survey our domain! Meanwhile, Nina and Anna were getting their Spring checkups nearby.....

If you look in the center distance, you will see our site from last year. Notice our new site has a tree!!!    We asked Chuck, our go-to carpenter, to move our deck, that he built for us last year,  to our new site and make it work around the tree!

I guess while we were away, "our" Canadian Geese, expanded their family! I count five new additions!!!

Ok, while we look like we know what we're doing, our first weekend was a bit rough. First of all, we were so late setting up on Friday, that we didn't get there at all!!!

Meanwhile,  Bob and Paulie set up Friday afternoon, and were disappointed that we didn't get there in time to share a campfire. They had a fine first night, and when we arrived on Saturday afternoon, everything was running smoothly at site 87.   MEANWHILE, at site 79,  Bob and Ron were plugging us in (our battery was dead????) and turning on the water........a few minutes later, I stepped into  Nina, into a flood from our new commode.......After turning off the water source, I was still so upset and insisted we vacate the scene and head home! After calming down, we headed back, bringing flowers with us (somehow that seemed to help) and I headed over to Paulie's rig to give her one of the flowering pots.

Finding Paulette in tears, I knew something awful had occurred during my flight. Sure enough, goat-poodle Sam, had tossed a brick down his throat! The brick had been used to hold down their screen house, and Riley, golden RETRIEVER, par excellence, had retrieved the brick, which Sam then decided to eat. I digress for a minute to tell you that Sam is a million dollar dog. Why, you ask? Because in his short 7 years , he has ingested a moldy gas grill briquette, a walnut, a quarter, and a dime, each time causing major $$$$$$$$ surgery, and now, a brick!   I arrived just in time to witness his second induced vomiting -  to no avail.

Moving on, we all tried to salvage our rough start and enjoyed an nice evening campfire. Ron and Bob stayed up for cigars and Paulie and I called it a night.

 The next morning (was it only this morning!) all seemed well. Rising early!!!! (7am) for us, Ron and I discovered we didn't have our coffee maker on board. Assured that early risers, Bob and Paulie, could  fix that, we head "next door" with coffee cups in hand. NOBODY WAS HOME. The car was gone, no dogs in sight. I entered Annie and saw Paulie's purse, phone, and the rig itself was in disarray.  Oh Oh.  As always, assuming the worst, I thought it could be that aliens had abducted the Grimsbo's, or.......I called the Lorain Emergency Vet Clinic to see if Sam and the Grimsbo's had arrived. NO??? After an hour of fretting, it occurred to me to call Paulie at home! Yep, she had hit the wall, as I had the day before, abandoning ship, or rig, actually, and drove home for a shower and to regroup the situation with Sam. Who, by the way, pardon my french, shit a brick, just minutes before!!!!  WHEW.

So, back they came, to fold up camp and head to Dayton for  a planned Mother's Day celebration.

Ron and I, and our crew, Jack, Marilyn, and Kate, spent the rest of the day at camp, napping, reading, walking, and enjoying our summer getaway.  Already, we have all planned next weekend...maybe we can all stay put for the entire time!