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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Librarian Reads in Retirement

Recent library books on my library card

A few days ago, finally freed from the post-Christmas cleanup, Paulette and I did something totally out of character for us. We went shopping......and didn't purchase anything!!!!!!! It's true, and shocking. Instead of walking miles of store aisles, we visited FOUR public libraries in ONE afternoon! I don't know what came over me. One minute we were in a jewelry store in Lorain, and the next minute I suggested we investigate the public library down the street. An hour later, we came out of there like two kids in a candy shop!

Sticking to the new books area, we each found several books to take home. Empowered by the fact that we hadn't spent a dime (well, ok, I did pay a 20 cent fine and told the clerk to keep the change from the quarter I gave her, but, does that really count?????) I suggested we stop at the Ritter (Vermilion) Library on our way home. Janet was shocked to see us-her look was priceless- and she showed us the latest additions to her collection and we came away with more books!

Now in a giddy frenzy, we stopped yet again. This time at the Huron Public Library. It was there that we found the most new books of all! Not to be stopped from our shopping madness, we visited Sandusky Library and picked up several holds we each placed days earlier. Honestly, I never took the time to browse through a library while working in one. Is that crazy or what. I selected biographies, books on education, decorating books, craft books, travel books, memoirs, computer books, and even a book on Toasts-in case someone asks me to make one sometime, I"ll be ready: Here is one for birthdays:

       May you get it together before you come apart!

Home library upstairs

This is my view from the treadmill in our library upstairs in our house. It is ironic that I can't read while walking-I get  nauseated by the motion of walking and reading at the same time. So, I enjoy looking straight ahead at our book collection. The two units on the left are mine and the two units on the right belong to Ron. His are cataloged- and the entire collection is aviation military history and mine are not in any order whatsoever!
Notice in the photo, my three pals that keep me company while I walk-Jack, Kate, and, Marilyn. They patiently wait for me to play with them and are pretty disgusted that I am walking on a piece of rubber rather than taking them each outside for a romp!

Of course, that is not the only bookcase in the house, and the rest of the collections are in order-by bookcase, actually.
Classic and collectible books

This bookcase belonged to my Great Grandmother Lee and was given to me for my first apartment. It holds books from my Grandmother Monetha Carlson's collection and a few of classics that I have collected over the years.

Dog book collection

This bookcase has gone to the dogs! It is only part of our collection and serves as a quick reference when we need to better understand our canine family members.

Knitting book collection

This case houses part of my knitting book collection. It actually is arranged by subject and has been cataloged, in part, on my site on

Knitting book collection

Another case holds overflow knitting books and yet another holds patterns and my yarn inventory.

This last case hold mysteries-just right for late night reading. Included are some of the Nancy Drew mysteries that first got me interested in reading, if not in libraries....

Oh! I forgot the cookbook collection! No matter, there are only a few on that shelf, and, rarely consulted, I must confess. Ron, however, has taken a recent interest in cooking-out of sheer desperation of starving- and is plowing through a Irish cooking book at present.

I am curious to know what my friends and family are reading at present. I could pop over to Goodreads, of course, to see who keeps a list going, but, if you have the time, send me your list. Paulie and I plan to visit libraries in the Cleveland area next and would love to have suggestions- now that we each have plenty of time to catch up on our reading. And no, neither of us have ereaders or likes to listen to audiobooks-scandalous, for sure. We are each voracious magazine readers, however, and have collections that have cracked the ceiling of our attics. 

I recently, bravely, gave up two books to the Little Free Libraries in our area. This is the most I could part with thus far and I listed 4 books for sale on I'm counting on my new library habit to keep the personal collection in check henceforth. A noble retirement resolution of sorts for a librarian, don't you think?