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Monday, April 9, 2012

Spinning dreams

Like a true fiber fanatic, I love to see the beautiful animals that provide the raw material for spinning! Even in Sandusky, I didn't have to go far to find them. On Sunday afternnoon, I went back to Osborn Park, the same park that has the great place to walk with Kate, Louie and Jack, as I had noticed that the MetroParks has a farm site just across the street. Now, to be perfectly honest with you, I do know that the first photo is of a sheep-but, I have no idea what kind. I love the black face. Boy or girl, young or old, I don't know.
Ok, I think this is a llama, not an alpaca, but, I'm really not all that sure of that. This is kind of embarrassing for me to admit, and I was going to leave the photo uncaptioned so as not to make a complete fool of myself, but I think you should know who you're dealing with in this blog.
This is a goat. Yep, I did figure that out, and I know goats produce mohair, which I love to knit, and that I have recently learned to spin mixed with wool.

The barns below used to be called Steinen's stables and a friend of mine boarded her horses here. The Metroparks bought the barns and property and have turned this into a petting farm. I feel lucky that this land wasn't sold to become been  a housing tract. There are horses, chickens and roosters here as well. One of the horses was laying down and I wasn't sure what that was all about, so, I decided not to take a photo in case it wasn't such a good thing. What do I know, I grew up directly across from the 14th green of Lake Shore Country Club in Erie, Pa. and  I know a lot more about golfers than I do about farm animals. I don't think spinning is going to turn me into a farm girl, but, I am starting to like the scene better than the golf course.I mean, what's not to love about these sweet faces!