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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salon magic

Kate spent the afternoon at the salon and you can see the before and after photos here. She spent the morning in my office, lounging around and the afternoon at Purrfect Pet Salon. What a life! We've taken a few walks around the block to show off the new 'do.
Of course, this angelic look can fool you. The next day, Kate was back to one of her favorite activites, digging holes in the backyard. According to various dog breeding histories, the miniature schnauzer is from terrier stock and terriers were useful vermin catchers. terrier, from the Latin word, terrarus, of the earth.So, with that background, I guess digging could be expected. To be fair, both standard poodles have been diggers and probably taught Kate how to dig a nice wide hole. All of this digging has led to quite an unsightly back yard. You know where this is leading.....we need a new landscaping plan!

Maybe we could add a large ground deck, or extend the brick patio, or both! Hey, let's put in outdoor kitchen and fire pit, too. Hmmm. I've always wanted a gazebo and pergola, so, how about putting those on the list. Wait! Screening in the back porch would be nice.....eek! Back to reality. How about if we just stop the dogs from digging. A few hours of training would cost a lot less than a whole new "outdoor room" and some grass seed and dirt would be a quick solution, too. So, I'm back from fantasy island much to Ron's relief. P.S. I might just get that screened in porch after all and keep the dogs in there with me! To be continued.....