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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yesterday morning, I was glad to see that Kate was much better. Then I discovered that Jack was very sick. In fact, he was. With.....pancreatitus. To the vet we went, for IV fluids, antibiotics, and so on. Dr. Stout agreed that it was no coincidence that both dogs had the same thing just days apart. Louie remains the last dog standing, so to speak.Could be something they got into in the yard, but, since I can't determine what that is,I am uneasy that this will happen again.

Today the weather suits me.Cold and rainy. There are very few people who prefer rain and cold to hot and sunny, but I am one who does. March and April are great months in Ohio for this kind of  weather. Even May can be counted upon for a few cold and rainy days. I suppose it is too much to hope for that my visit to see family in Southern California 10 days from now will provide similar weather!

This has been a pretty full week. On Thursday we got a present from the local paper. In followup to an front page article written earlier in the week to highlight National Library Week, we were featured in the Opinion/editorial page. If you click on this link, then click on the message just below the link, I think you can read and see the photo from the newspaper. I sent a copy to my mom and she asked if we had written it and just sent it in to be printed. Ha. Well, it sure doesn't work that way, and I don't think we could have written it as well actually. I did ask who wrote it and it was by the Register webmaster. Nice.