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Monday, June 4, 2012

On the Road with Kate

This weekend, we took Kate with us on our garden adventures. Mill Hollow Nursery, near Vermilion, Ohio, is one of our favorite places. It it only open from May 1st to June 15. Everything here is beautiful, and limited in quantity! We usually get her much earlier in the season, but, we still managed to find lots of lavendar to plant among our roses in the back yard. Kate is exploring the garden shed.

Jody Freilich and her husband live on the property and the various outbuilding are tempting to explore.

We've gotten all our plants here and most of our garden art. This lovely fairy garden was very sweet!

The living wreaths are my favorite. All you have to do is spray the hose on it everyday and it lasts all summer.

The sun was bouncing off the sculptures and the mirrors on the flip side made dancing shawdows on the stone wall. This one was already sold or it would have come home with us. Jody designed our garden in the front yard and we get compliments from those who walk by.

We took Kate for a ride so that she wouldn't  think the car meant going to the vet. Today, she is having surgery to remove a small lump from her back. We hope it is something simple and benign. It will be a long day of waiting.