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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kate's summer cut

It all started with the t-shirts that the vet recommended. While this did protect the suture made to remove a benign bump from Kate's back, the t-shirts created matted hair that would make any felter of yarn proud. I had the bright idea that if I gave Kate a bath and used lots of cream rinse, I could detangle all of the mats. First, let me say that taking a unhappy dog into the shower with you is NOT a good idea. I have the scratches to prove it, but, none anywhere that I can show you.

We head to the groomer at Purrfect Paws for a consultation and, actually, a preliminary apology prior to Kate's next visit. Michelle suggested that sometimes corn meal and a brush can help with mats, but, these were so tight and close to the body that it seemed that shaving would be the only option.

As you can see, in spite of the fancy surroundings, Kate was less than thrilled to arrive for her appointment! Not to worry, though, she is a star and came out just fine a few hours later and several inches slimmer around the waist. In fact, her harness slips and slides with her new svelte cut.

Isn't she cute! She looks a little top heavy and the groomer says the "skirt" will grow back just fine, so for now, we're just calling it Kate's summer cut. The boys, Jack and Louie get their summer cuts early this week and Ron, too. That's about $300 in haircuts for the family-eek. Good thing I decided to let my hair grow long and haven't planned a haircut until October!