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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kate's garden

Kate welcomed the newest dog to our garden today. Turk, so named in honor of Ron's dashound, was a gift from Paulette in celebration of my birthday. He'll be in excellent company in our yard.

The pup above was for many years in the garden of longtime library staff member, Marge Owings. He usually sports a ribbon for the season, so, the next will be a red,white and blue ribbon. I just noticed the orange slice nailed to the tree and asked Ron about it. He said he is trying to attract oriels. Okay. The other pup in foreground was a present from Paulette, too, from several years ago.

This guy came home with us from the Medina Antique Mall quite a few years ago. When we first put him on the porch, Alex tried to subdue him by placing his neck over the statue. It was hilarious! As you can see, we, sadly, did not know enough to take a concrete statue in during the winter. Every year, a different part of his legs falls off. It is really quite disturbing, but, we just can't put him out of his misery and I feel so responsible for his condition. It makes me feel sad everytime I leave the house and see him there.

The Scotty came home with us from the Antique Mall as well. It is metal and has done well in all seasons. I'm sure it was perched on a barn or garage, but, we plunked him near the garden gate and there he watches all who enter.

I think Kate is more interested in the vegetation than the dog, and I have to keep a close eye on what she tries to eat. I am usually taking pieces of mulch from her. There has been no digging thus far this season and I am really glad about that!

Louie is really faking it in this photo. Look how sweet and innocent he looks! He is usually tearing across the lawn, barking in general to see what he can roust out of the grass, trees, alley, etc, etc, etc.
I actually asked him to sit and look at me. Whoa.

I could add to this post with photos of the many dog planters we have, but it will take me awhile to gather them all up, so, I'll save those for a later update. Thanks, Paulie, for adding another lovely dog treasure for the garden this year!