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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kate's cool factor

It is Ohio Bike Week! It's actually 10 days, but that's counting both weekends. Last year, more than 130,000 bikers came to Sandusky to have a huge block party. Our house is on the main drag, so to speak, and so we see and hear bikes until the wee hours.....and we LOVE it!!!!

Last night, Ron and I stopped at the Mad River Harley Davidson store in town and got some gear for ourselves and Kate. Two tshirts, a dog leash and tshirt for Kate and a hat for Ron....$150.00! Whew. Biking is expensive. Actually, we ran into a co worker of Ron's from Stein Hospice there. She and her husband are bikers and we asked about the cost of a bike. He said you could get a great bike-used-and loaded--for $8,000-$15,000. We are intrigued.....

I loved the one with the blue lights! Of course, there are hundreds to look at in the store and thousands more on the city streets, so, we headed downtown.

Friday night in Sandusky! Very cool.  We stopped to hear both bands. On huge sound stages. One was country western and the other.....wasn't. It was called Saliva and was really rocking.

Today is the Bike Parade and you can imagine the scene, can't you? Bike guys and gals, thousands of them head into downtown, parking, parking, parking. and then the block party gets underway. We'll be at the parade and then back for a lawn party to watch the bikers go by our house.

Maybe there is a bike in our future for next year! Stay tuned.