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Monday, September 3, 2012

Easy peasy weekend

Last stretch of the summer is upon us. It is a beautiful Sandusky summer day. Yesterday was SULTRY. My new word to learn to accept hot and humid sounds so much better, doesn't it?
Ali-cat is getting bigger every day and is lots of fun to watch.

Meanwhile, Kate takes a brief nap on the couch. You missed the photo of me taking a nap in the hammock.
 Mom and Maria enjoy the Friday night dinners at Sunnybrook with Bob and Paulette. Ron enjoys them,too! Now we have to wait until next summer!
 Maria reconnected with her knitting and made the shawl below during her visit.
It wouldn't be summer without a visit to the LakeSide antique show! I got some ideas on how to use some of my button collection.

It's a good thing I enjoy the fall so much, otherwise I'd be pretty sad to see summer ending so soon.