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Monday, August 27, 2012


Life has been very busy around the Brooks household lately. On August 13, Maria arrived from Bogota, Mom arrived on the 14th from California and Amy arrived from Vermont-Maria, Amy and I were bound for our 40th high school reunion in Fairview, Pa and Mom was here to see Maria and to have cataract surgery at the Cleveland Clinic on the 21st and 28th.

Ron escorted us the the reunion last Saturday. I think this is the 4th reunion he has attended of the FHS Class of '72! It was great fun and our mini reunion with Amy was super fun as well.

Meanwhile, Kate continues her destructive ways. This time she shredded the cover of Vanity Fair with Kate Middleton! What was she thinking!!!!

Truth be told, she is a bit put out that there seems to be a kitten in the house. They still haven't met.

Ali (cat) formally DJ, is doing fine. She explores every corner and has learned to leap to new heights daily. She moves too fast to take a photo of most days.

Maria, Paulette, Mom and I spent the afternoon at Starbucks yesterday. We escaped the heat (neither P or I have a/c in our century homes) so we decided to find a cooler spot to hang out.
The rest of the week holds some shopping expeditions before Maria and Mom head out.