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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wild Animal Kingdom

Allie hides under a sheep rocker in meeting Kate. Ron and I have Kate in tow with her leash on, though.

 Allie is more interested in Kate's bad to the bone leash than she is in Kate.

Allie realizes that the sheep rocker is a pretty good spot from which to observe any sudden moves by Kate. Actually, Kate could reach her, but, thankfully, she knows the command Leave It! and Gentle! which has come in handy thus far.

How about a high five? As time passed, Allie got bolder and Kate got less interested. I tried giving kate a treat each time she looked away from Allie rather than chasing her. We're still not introducing the two standard poodles to Allie any time soon. We still have the house divided into cat and dog areas. I'm hoping that isn't going to be a permanent division!

Maria and Mom were great helpers in keeping the animal kingdom in check during the past few weeks. Routine naps are now in order for most of the day while Ron and I are at work.