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Friday, September 28, 2012

Life on the "farm"

The menagerie includes one llama, more than 50 sheep, many chickens, 2 pot bellied pigs, 4 cows, several geese, ducks,3 dogs, many goats, 4 bee hives, and 2 donkeys. Spread over 50 acres, with 4 pastures, we walked the perimeter of the fences to meet one and all.

While we tried to settle down and knit, I was tempted to do a happy dance and kept wandering around to see the farm. Later, a real treat was when Susan let all of the critters into the yard. Just steps away, the full lot mowed the lawn and landscaping!

Last night, Susan cautioned that the dogs would be working all night. That means they bark continually to ward off coyotes, feral dogs, and so forth. Louie would LOVE that job! Barking that is encouraged! Woo Hoo!!! I got up around 5 and looked out the window to see sheep sleeping on the lawn, looking like small white breathing bushes. It was magical.

All afternoon, Paulie and I sat on the back porch, gazing at the animals, listening to the sounds, and browsed through craft and cooking magazines from the UK, travel books, cooking books, knitting books, and had a field day. It wasn't until after 5 that I finally pulled out a bit of knitting and managed to cast on 39 stitches for the next block of the Picnic Afghan.

Already enamoured of the whole experience, we agreed to extend our stay an extra day, driving home on Monday instead of Sunday. Life is good.