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Friday, September 28, 2012

Excellent Adventure- Day 2

Nirvana. Paulie and I arrived at the farm "wicked early" as our shepardess, Susan Gibbs, exclaimed. She was expecting us around 2pm and it was only 9am. In fact, we drove up to the gate, pondered how or if we should open it, called the number, left a message and drove away a bit flumouxed.

A few miles down the road, our phone rang and Paul told us he had just gotten to the gate when we were driving away. No worries. Susan was out doing some grocery shopping and was soon back to give us a tour of our home away from home.

This is not a farm house. It is a house on a farm. P and I are loving the beautiful interior-to be shown to you later.
This barn was for horses, but now is a great place for the misc. animals that Susan has here now.