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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spinning with Kate

 Kate enjoys her first outdoor spinning day with anticipation of some new yarn to tangle. I don't think she understands that it takes awhile for the fiber to turn into yarn! BFF, Paulette, joined me in the outdoor  adventure in my backyard. While it is only mid March, we are enjoying weather in the 80's this week! The white fiber is being spun to use as needlework yarn for the sheep painting visible on the patio table. I'm not sure I can spin fine enough yet to ply and still fit the yarn through the canvas, but, I'm pressing ahead as if it will work out perfectly.
 Featured below is my growing wheel collection. The MajaCraft Susie Pro is on the left. Ashford Traveler (my first wheel) is in the center and the wheel on the right is the Ashford Joy.Soon the Pocket Wheel will be added. Most people name their wheels, but, I have never been really comfortable with naming objects such as cars, houses, etc. Another collection that you can see part of is sewing tables, flanking the wheels on each side. This is only two of many.Now, mind you, I don't sew, but, I can't resist purchasing old sewing boxes, especially if they still have sewing notions inside.
 Back to the spinning. Featured below is part of my yarn stash. Oh, and another sewing table! I can say that I do not need to generate any yarn via spinning as I have enough yarn for ever. S.A.B.L.E. which, as many of you know, stands for (Yarn)stash acquired beyond life expectancy. Sometimes I'm not sure if I collect the yarn in order to justify buying a lovely cabinet, or if I buy the cabinet because of the lovely yarn. In any case, I like to think of it as ART.

I'm not showing you the drawers of my dressers and my closet that is stuffed with yarn. It would just be too much for you. You can see the partial collection of sheep paintings and stuffed sheep in the photo above. I have lots more. I'm not sure if I could be classified as a hoarder. I wouldn't even say this is clutter, would you? I will say I am uncomfortable owning just one of anything, tho. What is that all about? I'm married to a collector of WWII air memorabilia. Books, pins, art, movies, watches, medals, models, and so on. It's a really good thing that we live in big house in order to contain our collections. Together, we collect any and all dog related items, art, books, figurines, trophies, collars, etc. Would you say 3 dogs is a collection or a pack?  What do you collect and do you need to justify your collections to yourself or someone else or what?