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Saturday, March 10, 2012

M.I.A. Almost

This evening, I decided to pop in at the Library to get my desk calendar. No good reason,really to do that, but,there you are. We have our backyard double fenced to be sure to keep the pups safely within. Little did I know that while I was gone, Kate slipped out of gate one, butted open the door leading to our garage, and waited for me to return home. When I drove into the garage, Kate slipped out into the back alley just as I was in the process of closing the automatic garage door! Of course, I wasn't expecting to see her scamper toward the closing door and hooray to the fellow who invented doors that stop when the beam is crossed. A quick hello to Kate and she stopped in her tracks and came back to me. All is now well. This,however, bring to mind a narrow escape that her predecessor, Alex, had several years ago. Alex, master of our universe, was a 10 year old mini schnauzer, that by that time was both deaf and blind but otherwise in good health. Some time earlier that day, a repairman had left gate two open. Ron didn't notice that when he came home from work and let Alex out into the yard. Next thing Ron knew, Alex was G O N E. Ron ran everywhere in the neighborhood looking for him. Crushed, Ron didn't know what to do, and the phone rang and without any greeting,he said, Did you find him? yes,said two guardian angels. They found him in the middle of the road in the dark in front of a bar that they were about to enter. Whew.