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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Picture perfect

Kate's best friend is Louie. She loves to get him revved up to the point where I yell at Louie to calm down. This is the classic drama that all siblings recognize. The older one gets blamed for everything. A few days ago I actually saw Kate curled up with Louie, but, I couldn't get to the camera fast enough to record it for posterity. Today was a great spring day of 68 degrees. Perfect for dog walking, but, alas, instead, I went shopping for a few things needed before leaving for a library conference this week. Not needed, exactly, but, it's nice to have a few new things to toss into a suitcase.

I've always read that dogs can't tell how long you've been gone. Doesn't that seem like something people would make up in order to feel less guilty about leaving? I'm sure Ron will take good care of the pups while I'm away, but, I already am thinking about missing them. Maybe a long walk for each of them tomorrow will help me feel better about it.

A few weeks ago, I started sleeping on the leather couch in our upstairs library. I thought I had a better chance of getting enough room there then trying to stake my claim of part of the bed that all three dogs were crowding. Guess what. This really hasn't worked out at all. Jack takes up half of the couch for the first part of the night, then he leaves and Louie gets on it with me. Kate is small enough to stay on the couch throughout the night. I don't really think I've gained any space at all, but, it somehow seems like I did. Sometimes we'll all traipse down the hall back to the bedroom in the middle of the night. Ron never knows where I'll end up on any given night. One time, when my parents were visiting, I met my dad in the upstairs hallway, apparently doing the same wandering/room switching thing as me. Made me feel better to know where I probably got this night time habit in the first place!

Daylight savings time change was last night, so, in spite of the hour, I'm really not sleepy yet. At least some of our clocks are now correct again-the ones that I never could figure out how to change in the fall. We have 2 cuckoo clocks, 3 mantle clocks and 1 small grandfather-like clock, all chiming, and one clock that makes loon sounds on the hour. Ron has them arranged for one to follow the other almost like an song.  We didn't have to change the tv clock, or computers, phones or alarm clocks. Those magically change. I won't even tell you how many watches Ron has, but, it is not just two or three. He has my dad's WWII pilot's watch, several pocket watches, several vintage watches and a few modern watches. I've changed the clock on the microwave and the one on the oven. I have no idea how to change the Wave radio clock and I'll have to reread the info to change the clocks in the cars. I haven't even mentioned the clocks in each bedroom and in the bathroom and the 2 clocks in my office. I wonder how many people ignore the whole thing and make mental adjustments instead of clock adjustments.