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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our first day

Well, off we go! Our first blog is pretty exciting, and, would you believe it, Kate is sound asleep beside me on the couch. That's a good thing, actually, because I can type without being nibbled. Kate's first birthday will be next week, altho, we didn't know her until she was 12 weeks old. She joins big brothers Jack and Louie-two standard poodles, ages 6 and 4. Kate is really my husband's dog, but, he's pretty well resigned that Kate and I are a duo of epic proportions. Maybe it's our joint love of fiber. I love to knit and spin and Kate loves to make lots of tangled messes of both. We both love to take naps, walks, go for rides and hang with BFF, Paulette.

Kate often accompanies me to work and creates mayhem all through the Library before taking a nap break. As with all little ones, the naps come on all at once after rousing play.

I've been a librarian for my entire career. Even before personal computers, fax machines and cell phones. Really. I learned how to type catalog cards (the spacing is crucial), look up answers in books,  and do book talks for interested readers. With a personal muse (Samantha, brand new librarian and social media guru), I've ventured into the world of twitter, facebook, YouTube, and, as you can see, blogs. Yep, this blog is dedicated to Samantha. As soon as I can figure out how to insert photos (well, let's be honest here, as soon as Sam shows me how to insert photos) I'll introduce you to the list of characters in our blog. So, until next time, bye and woof!