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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer hair cuts

Have you ever had a haircut that just left you stunned when it was finished?

Well, it happened to Marilyn earlier this week. When she came home from the groomer, Jack and Kate didn't know who the heck she was! Michelle, her groomer, called me twice  to warn me before I came to get Marilyn.  Even Michelle was a bit shook up, mentioning that she'd never cut the top hair off of a poodle before. We've tried to keep Marilyn from getting close to any mirrors and we tell her how lovely she looks.......and how much like a ........spaniel? or um, ......a german pointer?

It is, of course, really my fault. Too many weeks of camping and not enough brushing and her coat matted up like a sheep just before shearing.

Jack was next. In he went and part way through his wash and cut, Michelle discovered a deep bite on one side of Jack's throat. So, that grooming appointment stopped short of finishing and off to the vet we went. Nobody is saying anything, but, I think Marilyn and Jack got into a tussle.

Jack has been a bit punk since the incident, which none of us saw, by the way.  But he did manage to avoid a really major haircut as a result. I think we make weekly visits to the vet. But, that is another story for another time.

Kate got quite a summer cut as well. She managed to retain her expressive eyebrows and her ears are still very expressive. Her hair was so long it was actually wavy before her time with Michelle. The Library is hosting a program this week on grooming tips between trips to the groomer as part of our Paws to Read summer reading series. If it involves scissors, however, I'll pass. For Jack, Marilyn, and Kate's sake!