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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An old fashioned Fourth of July

Growing up in Erie, many Fourth of July events were cancelled due to rain....and one time, snow!
That certainly was not the case in Bellevue, Ohio, this year. The weather was perfect and the stage was set for a day filled with fun for young and old alike.

At the campground, sack races were held........... and

........the horseshoe competition drew a big crowd.

It seemed like everything was red,


or blue!

Paulette and Mom dressed for the celebration.

The sunset was spectacular. It was quite a good show.

The fireworks were great (shhh. Don't tell on us) Our evening ended around the campfire, and the coolest sight floated into view.

It was a sky, or Chinese, lantern. It floated silently up, up, up, past our campers and then disappeared into the night.  I'm a bit sad to think how long it is until the next fourth of July. Maybe we should start celebrating the anniversaries of other countries, too, and thus, expand our holidays! Sweden, Canada, Serbia, Colombia,  and more!