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Monday, June 3, 2013


This morning's view from our rig before the sun came out to show us a sunny day.

We counted 9 campers in residence on Sunday. This included 4 tent campers. All campers left the campgrounds for a day of exploration, leaving us the only ones on the 110 acre site. We ate breakfast outside, under the awning and in the screened porch, while the rain came down around us. 
Trying to fight off laziness, we decided to explore the campgrounds during a break in the clouds.
 We looked at the tent sites, the yurt sites, the cabin sites, and enjoyed the flowers in the woodlands. It is pretty hilly, so I had to pause more than I thought I should have to, and had to remind myself that the only "hill" in Sandusky is the railroad underpass on Columbus Avenue, at that is the excuse I told myself!

 In the afternoon, we read, I helped teach a neighboring camper how to knit, and,we read some more.
This is truly a vacation in every sense of the word. Today, Monday, is our last day here. We decided to stay at our site again all day rather than explore the area. We have to return the car to Enterprise at 5, make our last campfire dinner, and commence packing for an early departure tomorrow morning. The Biltmore will have to wait for another time.
We plan to make the return trip in one day, traveling I 75 instead of retracing our path. So, are you wondering if we would do this again? The answer is absolutely. In fact, we're making reservations to return in October and hope to convince Bob and Paulette to travel with us. We'd like to rent the Class C 24 to see if that is just as livable and easier to drive as part of our  continuing the research toward a purchase. Of the 4 couples we've chatted with here, each of them recently purchased a trailer (not an rv) and pull it with a large pick up. Two couples were from Georgia and two were from North Carolina. They are either recently retired, or, in the process of retiring within the next three years. Baby boomers all. That might mean that there will soon be thousands of boomer campers hitting the roads over the next few years! Buy stock in rv/camper manufacturers.
Last night we watched The Long, Long Trailer (1954) starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, directed by Vincenti Minnelli. The stars play honeymooners who purchase a 40 foot three-ton home and take it to Colorado. Let's just say we could relate to quite a few of the gags in the skit! We'll probably watch Robin William's RV again when we get home to bookend two great camping movies and intend to search for a few others to round out a collection. Gotta get to my needlepoint, knitting, spinning, reading, and hiking now. Thanks for checking in. jb