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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camping recap

No photos, just a summary of our best ever vacation. I loved having the 25th anniversary as our focus for trying out camping, and the focus of retirement options was a great focus as well.

The only way we could get out of the campground was knowing  that we were returning in 4 months. I just can't describe how happy we were with the whole experience and how much we are looking forward to future expeditions.

Our drive back was a bit dicey. We left later than expected due to fog. We were further delayed by a terrible rush hour traffic in Cincinnati. We arrived home at 10pm, a 12 hour drive. I stayed in the camper in the driveway, with Jack and Marilyn. We reluctantly returned the camper the next morning and Ron stowed everything back in place.

Stay tuned to our further explorations into the world of campers. jb