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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Asheville,North Carolina

The home of Thomas Wolfe is one of the points of interest that we saw while riding on the trolley tour of Asheville a few days ago.It was a warm and sunny day on Saturday and the town of Asheville was humming with tourists and locals. Our first impression was that the area was very much like Duval Street in Key West after the cruise ships disembark passengers for the day. There were street musicians on street corners and the bars were busy in the afternoon. We met our new camper neighbors for lunch at a pub on Lexington Avenue. Ron got a gumbo with alligator and I got a kale salad. On the  trolley tour we learned the history of the town, which was a tourist center in the early 1900s. Our guide told us that Mr. Grove, a compatriot of Mr. Vanderbilt, designed the city to resemble New York City, and many Hollywood films have been shot here for the 1920s ambiance of New York.
We headed back to camp in the late afternoon and I spent some time spinning (yarn, not the bicycle) while Ron assembled the ingredients for salmon with roasted vegetables. Yum. This was another meal cooked over coals wrapped in foil.  As our site is the best for views of the sunset, we met a few more neighbors, one of whom asked if I knew how to knit. She was thrilled when I offered to spend an hour with her to get her restarted with the craft and we made plans for Sunday afternoon
We made it an early night, snuggled into our abode, and enjoyed reading while listening to....silence!
Sometime in the early morning hours, we awoke to the lovely sound of rain on our roof. As anyone who knows me can attest, I love a cool rainy day, and I drifted back to sleep happily  anticipating  a rainy day at the campground.