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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Kelsey, my niece, and I are the only two lefties in the family. This means we can sit next to each other on the same side of the table and not not be concerned about who gets the left corner.

It also means we are VERY artistic and creative spirits. A few days ago we hung out together at The Painted Earth, a pottery shop in Temecula, Ca.,  that provides paints, brushes, and a variety of clay materials for embellishment.

Kelsey knew her way around the shop and helped set up our projects:  a duck for her and bunny for me and a surprise present for Paulette that we painted together.
We promised the family we would only be gone an hour.

 We emerged two and a half hours later, but, I can't blame that on being left handed. I can blame it on the fact that we really had a great time together, painting, admiring the artistic choices we were making, and looking at what others were working on at adjoining tables.

Kelsey planned dinner in honor of my arrival from Ohio and we dashed back to get that underway.
Kelsey selected the recipe from the vegan recipe app on her iPhone. It was an Asian salad with whole wheat noodles. Yum. My brother, David, assisted as sous chef.

The next day we headed to L.A. to purchase a camera at Samy's for my brother and Kelsey suggested we head into Barnes and Noble Booksellers later. Be still my heart. She paints, she cooks, and she reads! What a proud and thrilled aunt am I!
Peter Yarrow was just leaving the store as we arrived. Kelsey sprinted to the exit and asked him to sign a copy of Puff the Magic Dragon that she wanted to give to her teacher. Her first famous author, she announced with delight, that she had actually talked to in person. I'm hoping that there might be a writer in the making in the family....that would give us another cool thing to enjoy together!