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Friday, March 29, 2013

Do the bunny hop!

Don't bunnies make you smile? I mean, how cute are they? These two are safely out of Kate's reach and I'm enjoying the way they make me think that Spring is almost here!

This little one sits on our windowsill. I think she's holding a gingerbread boy, so, I'm not sure if she qualifies as an Easter Bunny, you can decide.
These bunnies dance down the middle of our dining room table, but, sometimes, they become a doorstop. They're happy to dance anywhere at all!
I bet you didn't know that bunnies are a musical bunch. This gathering are actually painted in the center of a child's bowl. I love the audience, there is even a duck in attendance and mice, too. Doesn't it make you just smile to see the festivities?

From the Royal Doulton Bunnykins series, the illustration is painted on a small child's plate. This is the only item in the series that I own, but, Paulette has quite a few and the mugs and plates are all very sweet.

Mrs. Bunny is actually a delicate china teapot. Not that I would make tea and use her in such a way. She stays out as part of a growing teapot collection as well as standing in as a Easter bunny.

 This is the newest bunny in the house. I hand painted her when Kelsey and I were at the Painted Earth a few weeks ago. I had the best time deciding which color of pink to use on her ears and nose, and her speckled body was a nifty mix in the paint. If you live near a pottery studio, I highly recommend the experience-it makes you feel like an artist even when you aren't one at all!
Ok, by now you are thinking that bunnies do multiply! If you're counting, these are bunnies eight and nine. But let me assure you, this is only a small sample of the bunnies in the house right now.  My penchant for bunnies began in 2001. You could ask Terri how it started, but I know she won't tell you. So, you can make up your own stories as to why I have so many bunnies.
My little princess bunny is sitting on my china shelf in the kitchen. Alley Cat often sits beside her and plays with her shiny dress. So far, they are on friendly terms and I shutter to think what might happen if she accidentally gets knocked off the shelf. Kate is very anxious to take a bite! I hope the Easter Bunny brings you yummy treats and sparkly things and perhaps a bunny of your own. Happy Easter!