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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Knitter's delight

 As I waited for my knitting student to arrive at Great Lakes Fiber ( last Sunday afternoon, I stepped into the shed attached to the studio. There was fiber on the hoof, so to speak, staring back at me.
 Amy designed her studio with the express plan of having a window for viewing her herd of alpacas and llamas, or rather, to allow them to have a view of her at work!

I explained to Regina that she would have the best environment ever for learning to knit. It turns out that she is a natural knitter and a pure delight to teach. I predict she'll be making sweaters and other items in short order. We covered the knit and purl stitch, casting on and binding off, increases, decreases, and ribbing all within her first lesson!

The time just flew by and I was surprised that we'd been sitting on the couch for almost 3 hours of nonstop knitting.

It was dinnertime for Amy's charges, so, it seems only right to let her get on with it in deference to better fiber later.
 I am happy to note that this Saturday I'll be spinning at the Follett House Museum's Quilt Social and Fiber Arts Day from 1-3:30, conducting lesson 2 on Sunday at Great Lakes Fibers, and spending Tuesday evening with my knitting circle friends, Paulette, Kathleen, Sue, and Cindy and the next evening will be spent with the Knit 1, Library Too  knitters. What a super week!