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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kate's guest

This little kitty is Kate's houseguest today and tonight. She (?) was discovered on the front steps of the Library on Friday morning and brought into us. She spent Friday night with Lindsey and Sam and is spending the day/night with us tonight. Being totally clueless about kitties, we headed to the pet store for KRM (kitty replacement milk) and kitty litter, scoop and one dangle feather toy.

Before we could try that out, Ron and the kitty got acquainted.This included a cat nap, if you will.

We're hoping that tomorrow she'll be adopted by one of the Library staffers. I haven't posted any photos with Kate as we concluded this little kitty is too tiny to be surrounded by the mob in our house! She's going to watch the Olympics with us, safely relaxing in her kitty carrier.