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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog days

Kate was seeing double the other morning.Louie was in the backyard (see photo above) Sam came over for a visit to see his half brother. (see photo below)
I was actually trying to distract Louie who seemed to be sniffing the parameter of the yard and house in search of something and never settling down. I thought  maybe a distraction would be good. It really didn't deter him for long before he resumed his pacing. I remembered I promised the vet that
 I would film such behavior and time it to see if it is some sort of seizure activity.
That was on Thursday and he repeated the strange activity again on Friday which Paulette observed also. No further episodes have occurred this weekend.
Kate wasn't perturbed by the additional activity at all, she quickly identified Louie (on the left)

Guarding two bones, one on each side of her, was a bigger priority, it seems!  Jack was also a much better host than I anticipated. He can be a bit, well, aggressive among other dogs, and I was really happy that he shared the yard so graciously.
This is Jack's favorite porch perch and sometimes he lets me share it with him. The hot weather lately has made outdoor lounging on the porch rather rare this summer. In fact, as I write this, all three dogs are sprawled on the kitchen floor, the one of two rooms with a/c. Ah, old house living!
I've switched to a knitting project with cotton rather than continue with other fibers and I've not taken any spinning projects around either. Exciting news, though, my Pocket Wheel is in the finishing booth and should ship from Washington soon! In the meantime, I've been reading quite a lot lately. Here are the books I'm currently finishing:
The Book Whisperer; Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child, by Donalyn Miller
Killer Stuff and Tons of Money; an insider's look at the world of flea markets, antiques, and collecting ,by Maureen Stanton
Jackie After O; one remarkable year when Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis defied expectations & rediscovered her dreams, by Tina Cassidy
The Intentional Spinner; a holistic approach to making yarn, by Judith MacKenzie McCuin.