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Monday, July 30, 2012

Kate's new sibling

We have a girl!!! She is just one pound and about 8 weeks old. Due to having a case of round worms (ahem) she is a skinny thing and that will be resolved in a couple weeks. The pink eye should be better by then too. Hopefully we aren't in that diagnosis as well....!
While we were setting up her quarters, Kate took the opportunity to shred our our first and only cat manual. (see photo below)

We caused quite a stir at our vet as we are well known for our dog household. In fact both vets teased us as did the two tech assistants that were there. Enchanted with her rescue by the library staff they thought this kitty hit the jackpot for family. We don't intend to start the introduction of the pups until all is well. And we will have to watch the poodles carefully. Also, with Ron allergic to cats, we think Benidryl is in his future.

Since this is my first ever cat, and Ron has only had outdoor cats growing up, we know we have a big learning curve. Any and all advice is welcome. We think she is a "short haired Tortie" and we don't even know what that means. We just know she is a lovely creature and we are eager to welcome her into our lives.