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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow storm…or not.

 The view out our back window this afternoon promised a snowy day! Everyone was anticipating the BIG SNOW STORM! I, however, have made a life study of snow storms in Sandusky and can tell you that Sandusky hardy ever gets a snow storm from west (Chicago, etc.) I waited for years in anticipation of the snow storms similar to those of my years growing up in Erie, Pa. I think it was year 10 in Sandusky that I started wising up to the truth. We don't get "lake effect" snow storms-instead we create them for Erie! Yes, the sad truth is that Sandusky never gets snow unless it comes up from the Texas area. Why no one else in the area, including all weather forecasters, news editors, and the area residents continue to think we'll get a storm from the west amazes me. I have rarely been mistaken, sad as I am to report this. Still, tonight, we are all awaiting the Big Storm, most not realizing that it has already passed over us and headed to Erie. sigh.

 So, I amused myself by making my own snow inside via snowflakes and white pottery in our kitchen and cool as ice blue still life setting.

Outside, even with no snow mounting, it looks really lovely!

Above are my Swedish Dala Horse in blue!  They evoke a wonderful feeling of cold Swedish winters for me, and below, the Copenhagen Christmas plates are always of snowy scenes.

The painting above is a paint by number given to us by Bob and Paulette. We collect dog paint by number paintings and have quite a collection, none, however, as big as this one! Of course, we have a large collection of dog paintings and prints in general, and cannot seem to resist any-whether done by professional or amateur, in stitchery, oil, charcoal, lithograph, whatever. Any breed will do. Any size will do. Photos of dogs we don't know, they all have a home with us.

As the Christmas decorations are put away, I love getting the house decorated in winter white. This way, I can have my snow storm ambiance whether or not we get a snowy exterior! Cold, icy, blue evokes the cold I so love. I have huge snowflakes to hang in my windows, set off by the electric candles. All in all, I am happy and cozy in my winter-decorated house. Now, if only it would snow!