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Monday, January 20, 2014

Aunt Julie gets taken for a ride down memory lane

While in California for Christmas, my 17 year old nephew, Kacey Carlson, showed me his "new" car-a 1968 Chevy Nova!

 As I hopped in for a  demonstration ride, music was blaring 1968 tunes from an iPod hooked up to the speaker system. Yikes, this kid has style!  As we rumbled through town, enjoying the throaty sound of a v8, heads were turning, waves occurred from girls of all ages from the sidewalks, and subtle finger acknowledgements from fellow vintage car owners took place.

Recent improvements to the car included new wheels and tires, a water pump, and the acquisition of a new hood to replace the dented one. Kacey and his dad, David (my brother) have plans for some additional reno work and attendance at car rallies this spring.

 Messing around with old cars is a long standing tradition in our family.  During my teenage years, we had a Austin Healy Sprite (similar to the MG Midget).  When I was 18 and my brother was 8, he actually taught me how to drive stick shift so I could drive that car!  Later my dad acquired an Austin Healy 3000 which was enjoyed by all of us for many years and which Ron and I wish we had purchased when my mom sold it several years ago.

 My car ownership started with a much less sporty car-an old Chevy Vega! I upgraded to a RX7 in 1984 which I still own and keep in tip top shape.

My brother, David, (Kacey's dad) had an MGBGT hardtop, which he raced in college instead of studying. He currently owns a new Chevy Camero and there is a Fiat Spider in the garage, too.

I fell in love with Ron, partly because he drove up for our first date in his  Datsun 280ZX! Earlier he owned a VW Carmengia -another fav of mine! His first car was a 1955 Buick Century that he acquired in 1963.

So, while it must be unusual among today's high school seniors to select an old car over something more practical,  it seemed just right for a Carlson to do so. I'm glad Kacey is carrying on the car gene in the Carlson family! Way to go, Kacey!