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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nashville ,Indiana

Ron and I got our first cup of coffee of the day at the Daily Grind at 1:30 pm. We'd had quite a busy morning first. Let me just say that camping has yet to be restful! We woke early (for us) at 8am and while I walked each dog separately, Ron spruced up the campsite a bit. We decided to preview our next campground before making our move. This turned out to be a really smart idea. The Brown County State Park campgrounds were just as crowded as could be , with the added challenges of trees everywhere. We wondered if we were qualified for backing into some of the spaces we saw! Next, I asked Ron to check out the showers-umm, pretty "basic"he reported. Lastly, we discovered that the Park provides electric only. No water. Well, we haven't learned how to fill our fresh water as of yet, and we don't really know how much water we go through in a typical day. We'd have to leave the campsite and drive to the water station during the course of our 4 day stay. With that, we headed back to the Last Resort Campground and asked if we could stay on there! Ah, home sweet home. GREAT showers, FULL hookups, and, best of all, the pick of the sites! We settled on a private site at the back of the campground and started to pack up for the one block move.

This was when I discovered that Ron had tossed one of my running shoes away. Not that I run, but, it is a nice walking/gym shoe.  I admit, I did have each one in a recycled grocery plastic bag that we use for dog , um, well, you know.... And, having stepped in poop earlier, I put the offending shoe in a bag to deal with later!  Ron  had tossed our kitchen garbage, "doggie" bags and my shoe in one larger bag and tossed it all in the giant dumpster that all campers were actively using. You guessed it. We went dumpster diving, explaining our plight to other campers as they came up to contribute their trash.  You might think that that was the extent of our misadventures, but, no, there's more!  As Ron was disconnecting the sewer, he stripped the threads and couldn't extract the hose,  and had, well, a bit of overflow...ahem. We hailed the owner of the campground, Frank, who came to our rescue, and, conveniently had a new connector he could sell us. By now, it was 1:30 and we headed for the coffee shop below to recover from our move from lot 35 to lot 50!

Fantastic coffee, first opened in 1977, and a place that Janet had introduced me to in many years ago. I was glad it was still there!

We happened to arrive just as a parade of VWs drove through the town-we didn't see any Carmen Ghia's, tho, we did see several VW busses and lots of bugs, a few Things, and one Passat!

Ok, this is shocking news. I actually enjoyed going through an art gallery. Oh my gosh. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a dvd on the artists of Brown County and tomorrow we're going to the estate of T.C. Steele to view his house and studio on 200 acres.  We've also got a tour of the University campus in Bloomington on tap for tomorrow. I bet the three dogs will be a hit! We've seen more dogs this week, then at the IX Christmas Classic Dog Show. Well, maybe not that many (3,000) but a lot. Lots of labs and goldens and a few standard poodles. Several Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds, many tiny dogs, too. Apparently, tourist/shoppers bring their dogs to Nashville!

Below is a brand new Airstream that was an anniversary edition of the first Airstream. Sweet! We enjoyed chatting with the owners.  As we've discovered, campers are proud of their rigs, big and small, old and brand new. We are on a fast and vast learning curve and have found that others are very generous with their tips and forgiving of our newbie status. I'm not sure how long we can claim that as an excuse for our travails, but, we figure we get a least two years!