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Friday, October 18, 2013

Last resort campground

Ok, for our second ever camping on the road with Nina, we decided to head to Brown County, Indiana. I've been here twice before with Janet Ford, and so, I knew it was in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana, near Bloomington, the home of the Indiana University, and that Nashville was a sweet little town of artists shops. As this was a rather last minute decision to scrap a trip to Newport, Rhode Island (with a free one week stay at an inn, and airline tickets already purchased, we didn't really have the time to reserve a campsite with much advance notice. This, it turns out, is not a good idea.  Ron was up for the driving challenge (6 hours) of mostly 4 lane (his request) and, at the suggestion of Cathy Steffenhagen, we decided to look at the weather map and select an area with the best weather for a week of camping. Check. It is 67 degrees, the fall leaves are fabulous and the scenery is sweet.

I selected the Brown County State Park Campground, having seen the area before. However, the campground was full until Sunday evening, so, we found a temporary campground. See photo above. Let me say this, it reminded me of scary stories told around the campfire of a deserted woods with a man with a hatchet hunted unsuspecting lonely campers......Boo! In addition to making a BIG MISTAKE in camp grounds, we backed up into our space and put a big hole in the back of the spare tire cover of Nina. Ouch. After a very uncomfortable, and disturbingly quiet night, we hunted for another campground.

This is it. Wall to wall huge rv units. I mean HUGE. We have the smallest rig on the site. The campers are all pros, and for some strange reason, none of them seem to mind that we are closer than Harlem apartments! Now these rigs cost upwards of $150,000 to $200,0000 each and I can imagine that they each have very nice, spacious homes, with nice grounds. So, what, in heaven's name, are they doing in such tight quarters and having a blast? Clearly, I have much to learn about the rv lifestyle.

The photo above, is of the scary campground in which I felt like we were on the property of an abandoned outdoor drive in movie.

I will say that the view was spectacular.
Imagine this, the big rig campers are starting their gas grills, music is softly playing, and, as I sit under our awning, the rig next door is starting their cooking, two toy fox terriers, outside in pens. This is a really unfamiliar subculture of campers to me. Everyone is very friendly, very happy to be here, often the campers are traveling in groups of 3 or 4 rigs and I have the urge to interview everyone to get their story!  I am proud to stay that we are holding our own thus far. All three dogs are sedate, and, quite a hit, I must say. The standard poodles are quite a great ice breaker!Marilyn is quietly lying by my side, outside near the fire rig. Kate and Jack are lounging in the rig. Ron is preparing a dinner of rice and chicken with squash and a salad. Earlier, I arranged for a car rental from Enterprise in Columbus, Indiana and tomorrow we'll explore the area! All is well and I am one happy camper. The only thing that would make me happier would be to have Bob and Paulie as our next door neighbors for the adventure!  The purchased their Class C 31 foot rig last week and we plan to accompany them on their first adventure next week!