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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the Road, or Travels with Ron

 Ron and I were ready by 9 and decided to head out to pick up the RV early. The dogs seemed to know something was up and they were too distracted to eat breakfast.  We had time  before our 11 am appointment  at the Neff's RV Rentals, and took a route via a stop at Starbucks. Below is a photo of Bill Neff explaining the sewer particulars to Ron. We spent a good hour learning all about the outside of the RV, the Ford F10 truck features, and every piece of equipment within our "home."

When Bill pulled our rig out of storage, Ron and I both thought it seemed a lot bigger than we expected and we had grave doubts that we were up to the challenge of driving it out of the lot, let alone driving it to Asheville, N.C.!!! Ron gamely jumped in the driver's seat and drove toward Sandusky and I followed in our truck.  At the Rt 250/Rt 2 exit for Sandusky, Ron turned left instead of toward Sandusky and I actually thought he was headed back to the dealer to turn in the rig!

Instead, my geographically challenged husband decided to take a less traveled route back to the house instead of joining the Cedar Point traffic. Pretty smart, I thought.

The loading of the RV was really a snap. I had already planned out what would go where, and Ron actually let me direct the effort every inch of the way. Paulette, Samantha, and Lindsey stopped by to check out the rig and neighbors Diane Ernst and Debbie Phillips stopped by for a tour as well. At 2:45 we hit the road for our first stop, Marietta, Ohio, where we were staying with friends.

While Ron got used to driving the rig, I tried to figure out the built in gps unit, which is also a radio, cd player, ipod dock, dvd player and more. Guess what. I asked Ron to stop at the Amherst thruway truck stop just 40 minutes into the trip. He actually thought I was joking, but, I was getting car sick from the truck's swaying motions and my reading of the gps instructions. Yikes. Ron suggested we head back to Sandusky and get the other car and I could follow him to Asheville. NOT.

After a few minutes rest, some cold water, and tons of A/C, I felt well enough to head on our way. We dug out our own gps and gaining speed,  headed down Rt 77 south, arriving in Marietta around 7.

It was great to see Martin and Tanya at their lovely home.  Martin and I were in the same class at Kent State in 1977 earning our Masters in Library Science. Tanya, already working as a branch manger of the North Branch of Akron Public Library, sponsored my practicum at her library. So, we go back a looong way and always have tons to catch up on. We took a tour of the area, stopping at river's edge. Actually, if we had dipped our toes in the Ohio River, we would have been in West Virginia, as that state owns up to the river bank on the Ohio side of the river.
Back at their driveway, we discovered that running the generator was too loud for the quiet neighborhood and we headed inside for our comfy guest suite. The best way to camp, I'd say!
We head out for our 400 mile drive to North Carolina at 7am. Our ETA is 3:00 at the campground, followed by a 4:30 pickup from Enterprise Car Rental for our wheels for the weekend. So far, so good, you guys!