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Friday, May 31, 2013


I am telling you the truth when I say this is the view from our campsite!!!! Isn't it fabulous? Before I tell you more about it, let me fill you in our our travels to get here. We left Martin and TJ's at 7:45, after sharing a cup of coffee/tea and discussing what we were each reading lately. Martin was reading Dicken's Martin Chuzzelwit and Tanya just finished Gone Girl. Ron is reading Without a Trace, which is about 8 lost ships and their fates. I'm reading  Untouchable, the strange life and tragic death of  Michael Jackson. Reluctantly, we bid our dear friends goodbye. Martin drove ahead of us and led us onto I77 south and turned off at the next exit. We were ready to see what West Virginia was like.

TJ suggested that our first stop could be at Tamarack, just outside of Charleston. It is a big craft center featuring artists in their studios, such as glass blowing or pottery. I bought a few watercolor note cards and a child's illustrated book of John Denver's song, Take Me Home, Country Road-with cd. As we drove along, we had earlier mentioned his song, so, it was a perfect purchase.

At our first gas station en route, along side of us was a fellow on a Harley. He looked us over, and I remarked about the contrast of how light he was traveling compared to us! He said he was just thinking the same thing and asked where we were from. When we told him we were from Sandusky, Ohio, he said, "I love Sandusky. They have a great bike gathering in June that I go to every year."

We told him to look for us on our lawn next Saturday, when we sit parade style in our yard and wave to all of the bikers as they pass. Small world, getting smaller every day.

Ron couldn't quite make it to the first stop, so, we pulled into a rest area and I chatted with the other rv'ers parked near us. One was driving the Class A Forest River Georgetown, made by the same company at our rental. I commented that Ron felt ours was  hard to handle and that cars seemed to pull up fast along the drivers side. The Class A driver said that seems such because the driver's seat in a Class C is further left of center than a car or his rig. Also, the A sits up higher and you don't get that sensation from that height. They were from Riverside, Ca, right near my family in Temecula and heading south in their brand new motor home. He highly recommended it over his Fleetwood, because of service, and they also decided to turn in the Mercedes diesel, as the cost was too high.( we're getting 6.5 miles per gallon, by the way).

We arrived on schedule at our campground in North Carolina at 4:30 and managed to get into our site without any problems! After setting up camp, we made hotdogs (mine was vegan) and hamburgers, cooked baked beans at 10 pm. We were both exhausted and ready to try out the sleeping quarters of our rv. The cool breeze and quiet was the best possible end to an already super day.

I'm experiencing technical difficulties (Samantha, I need you!) so ignore the photos below for my next blog.