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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Art of Napping

Naps are just the best thing! It took me years to appreciate them. My mom says I NEVER napped as a baby, much to her dismay. Ron, on the other hand, has been a napper since his days in the Navy. In fact, on leave, he would head straight for a hotel to nap uninterrupted until the leave was over!  He is by far the best napper in the house.
 Allie Cat is clearly the most limber of nappers. All four legs are stretched out IN FRONT of her!  She is also very happy to curl up into a tiny ball, or drape herself over ANYTHING.                  
Jack insists on having  a pillow of some sort for his napping pleasure.  It is hard, however, to catch him with his eyes closed. He must be the lightest sleeper in the house.
Kate used her furry eyebrows to help block any annoying light and is happiest napping curled up next to Jack or Ron, or, as in the photo above, next to a chair leg.
Marilyn seems to prefer a dog bed smaller than she is for her napping nirvana. I'm not why this is, but, I feel quite accomplished when everyone around me is peacefully napping! Some think napping is the same as being lazy and so, force themselves not to nap. Are you a napper or a non-napper? Inquiring minds want to know.