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Sunday, November 11, 2012

The perils of walking dogs

Doesn't it seem that walking the dog(s) would be a relaxing and generally stress-free experience? Not so fast. This morning, in my continuing effort to walk at least 45 minutes everyday, I headed out with Jack and Kate on our usual route-down our sidewalk, out the back gate, down the alley and around the corner to the park near our house. The around the corner part didn't go so well. Two German Shepherds spotted us from their living room window and then lunged through their front storm door to engage us in battle. I shrieked, Jack barked, Kate mixed it up and I knew we were in for a brawl. Screaming help, I tried to cross the street, dragging Kate and Jack with me while trying to fend off one of the Shepherds. I got as far as the porch steps when two neighbors both came bounding out of their homes to grab the dogs and lug them back into the owner's house. The owner didn't seem to be aware of the ruckus at all. Both neighbor guys were concerned and helped check that Kate was ok.'

We all got off pretty easy. I actually continued our walk, in a different direction, but was pretty rattled, thinking of dog mauling stories and our near miss. Two years ago, while walking Jack and Louie, Ron and I encountered an older dog, not tethered in his yard, who started to follow us down the street, toward oncoming traffic. Concerned about the traffic, and trying to hold back Jack and Louie, I tripped over  my own feet and came crashing down on the sidewalk, dislocating one finger and pulling the ligaments of two other fingers. That mishap took 7 months of recovery.

I am also perfectly capable of slipping on acorns hidden under leaves, upright one minute and down the next. You might think the treadmill would be a better idea, but, recently, while adjusting the ipod and headphones while walking on the tread, I slipped and skidded to the end of the mat and skinned both knees big time.

Today, I walked a bit longer with the pups, then put them back safely inside and continued the walk alone, looking carefully at the uneven sidewalk, acorns, getting pelted by falling leaves from the wind and headed back to the porch for a soothing cup of tea.