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Friday, November 21, 2014

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

This morning, I was reading Paris Letters, One woman's journey from the fast lane to a slow stroll in Paris, by JaniceMacLeod.

 In the first few chapters she writes about decluttering her apartment in one year to the point where everything she owned fits in one suitcase!  I was inspired enough to put the book down and clean out two junk drawers in the kitchen.

After that commendable task was accomplished,  I noticed that the two sinks, counters, and stove top needed to be cleaned. I got out the SoftScrub and looked for the yellow dish gloves. No luck, so, I decided to wait to clean until I purchased some gloves later in the day.

I then remembered that Ron asked me to change the sheets on the bed.I headed upstairs and got sheets from the linen closet. I paused to admire the collection of hand embroidered pillow cases I collect and rotate them in the drawer, putting the pink ones on top.

 I selected the sheets for the bed and noticed there was a pile of sweaters that needed to be put in the cedar chest. The chest has two down comforters in it, so, I put one one the guest bed and one on another bed to make room for the sweaters--which I did not put away.

It was then time to get ready for a lunch date with Janet. I noticed that the bathroom sink looked pretty sad-it is the original pedestal sink from 1907.

 Instead of getting ready, I looked for a tape measure to see if a new double sink with cabinets would fit. After measuring, I headed back downstairs to look on the Internet for standard sizes of double sink vanities at Lowes.

I noticed two letters on the kitchen table that I forgot to mail yesterday and remembered that I still had a thank you note to write.  With the note cards upstairs, off I went in search of a card.The cards are upstairs, and the address book in in the drawer I just cleaned. I remembered I hadn't gotten ready to meet Janet yet.  I put the card aside.

 I hadn't led enough time to run errands to get the yellow dish gloves, however, I thought I had enough time to stop at the post office to mail the cards. I sat down and penned a note and started to head out the door.  I couldn't find my car keys, or my gloves. Looking around the kitchen, I remembered that my knitting bag was in the den, and both my keys and gloves might be inside. Well, the gloves were, but, not the keys. I honestly don't remember where I found the keys, but, I did, and dashed out to the car and headed to lunch via the post office.

After lunch, I headed to WalMart  to see if they had the Christmas lights that I tried to get last year after stopping at some stranger's home and inquiring where his were from. He told me he had purchased them at WalMart, but, they were out of them.  I bought every wheel of the little lights they had! Hooray!

I remembered I needed the yellow gloves, but, I gave up trying to find the cleaning section. Back to my car, I realized I was pretty close to Lowes, so I stopped to check on the bath/double sink vanities. I was not impressed and decided to shelve that idea for next year.

I forgot to look for dish gloves there, and headed to Target where I was seeking some Christmas wrapping paper that I had read about in a knitting magazine.  While there, I found the yellow gloves, but not the wrapping paper--I couldn't remember what the magazine had described.

 I did stop to pick up a Smith & Hawken Bulb kit that I get each year, though.

When I got home, feeling rather disjointed, I recalled hearing about a Youtube spoof on age activated attention deficit disorder. I sat at the table and watched it twice and it inspired me to write a blogpost instead of donning the yellow gloves.

An hour  passed and I needed to get the dogs fed. Yet, I decided to take a few photos for the post instead and looked for my camera in the hall closet. The one I meant to clean right after the junk drawers this morning. The one with a smashed Swedish glass bowl that I dropped a heavy brass candle holder on it yesterday.

 I was too upset to look at the millions of shards of glass at the time. I might still have time to clean that up before Ron gets home, except I need to feed the dogs first. So, since the Amaryllis is on the kitchen counter, I think I'll plant it.  I need to empty the dishwasher to get clean bowls to feed the dogs. No wait, I can start soaking the plant material while I put away the dishes

If I get this right, you can watch the YouTube spoof here.

If not, just google the title of my post to see it. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to start and complete a task before launching into another one. I'll let you how it goes!